Mira  By iGOR

Mira By iGOR

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Private Collection - iGOR Perfumes

"In spring, the Centifolia rose invades the garden of Mira, home of the heart of iGOR Perfumes. It is an extraordinary moment where their fleshy, honeyed and fruity fragrance floats in the air. This wake is an ode to this place and this unique rose that grows in the country of my childhood. "

50 ml
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Top notes: Essence of Mandarin, Lemon and Peach
Heart notes:   Essence of Patchouli and White Wood
Base notes: Vanilla, Gaïac wood

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Top notes: this is the most volatile part of fragrances, that is to say odors starting just after the vaporization of a perfume and which evaporate in 30 to 60 minutes.

Heart notes: unfold for several hours and constitute the characteristic smell of a perfume. These are the ones that make the personality of a recipe and that are perceived for several hours.

The base notes: which evaporate most slowly, which can even take several days.